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Share Your Writing With Us

I have started administrating the long-standing blogging site Association of Catholic Women Bloggers. It has been fun redesigning  the site with the help of Jenny from Suscipio, with feed back from Nancy Schuman of Breadbox Letters and The Cloistered Heart.
Have you considered writing for a larger, friendly, warm Christian community? We also welcome  a repost of  your favorite article. Already this week, four new bloggers have joined. Come read, browse and get involved with other women of faith. We also have two regular male contributors and welcome guest posts from other Catholic Men.
Association of Catholic Women Bloggers
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8 thoughts on “Share Your Writing With Us

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  3. I would love to be part of a catholic community. I just started blogging about two months ago. I love following the catholic blogs. They give a sense of belonging while helping me answer some of my questions.

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